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The Big East is back atop college basketball.

With just two weeks to go the Big East is still on pace for a historic year.

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Xavier Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Quick, which conference has the best average NET ranking in college basketball? It's the Big East. Ok, but in which conference is literally every game a Q1? Has to be the ACC or Big 10, right? No, it's the Big East. Well sure, but which conference has the most teams in the top 25? No points for correctly guessing that, once again, it's the Big East.

The juggernaut of college basketball is back. The Big 10 may place more teams in the tournament this season, but that's largely from chucking 14 teams at the wall to see what sticks. Northwestern and Nebraska still represent relatively easy tasks. The Big 12 sports Q3 games, the ACC is mediocre at best this year. Top to bottom, it's the Big East that outpunches everyone else.

Right now the average Big East NET is 37. That means that Xavier isn't even average in their own conference, and the Musketeers have racked up ten top quadrant wins. The BE figures to put at least six teams, possibly eight, into the tournament this season. DePaul, the worst team in the conference, has four Q1 wins. Seton Hall at the top of the conference has 10. Top to bottom, no one else compares.

Each week two of our writers take an in depth look at the conference. With just two weeks left to make hay, here's where the Big East stands.