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We've been doing this for a decade

This post includes more navel-gazing than usual, but maybe not by much.

NCAA Basketball: Xavier at Creighton
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

This website started the way a lot of things have in my life: Brad had an idea, and I followed along in his wake smoothing out some of the logistics. Specifically, when we were all together at my parents' house, he said we should start a Xavier blog. Okay.

We had been nursing a Xavier-related email thread between the two of us and Bryan, so taking it to the internet wasn't that big of a step. We set out with two goals: get on with SBN, and find a community of Xavier fans to talk about basketball with. Ten years on, mission accomplished.

It wasn't always a straight line from there to here, though. I remember distinctly the days of clicking the stats page for our first site and hoping to see double-digit hits. I remember when we crossed 100 Twitter followers, then crossed it back, then crossed it again for good. Things have grown a bit since. We've probably ruffled one or two feathers along the way - almost all by accident - but that has been dwarfed by the number of friends we've made.

I don't know, maybe I'm being presumptuous with "friends." We have regulars though, and I love getting onto Twitter and seeing them weigh in and then weighing back. There's a sense in which this site is just an excuse to keep that Twitter account running.

We've also had our masthead graced by a number of different authors. Some have moved on to the next steps in their journalistic careers; others have simply moved on in life in a way that doesn't allow writing about Xavier on the internet to filter to the top of the priority list. All of them retain our good will and appreciation.

Brad and I have also added a couple more brothers to the site. Bryan is probably most familiar to you as the silken voice hosting our podcast in addition to his writing contributions. Braydan was just a little fella when we first starting posting; now he's old enough to drive and use the internet and talk about X with us.

I don't know if we envisioned any sort of end game when we started this, and I don't know that we have one in mind now. I guess we'll keep doing it as long as we're having fun, which we definitely still are. It has been an enjoyable ride, and we've been glad to have each of you along with us for it.