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Every angle (we could find) of Adam Kunkel's dramatic game winner

A statistically meaningless percentage of the world's population was at the game today; with these videos, you can feel like you were one of them.

NCAA Basketball: Marquette at Xavier
The aftermath.
Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, you know what happened. Xavier battled back from down as many as 9 to take Marquette to the wire. Helped by not one but two four-point possessions down the stretch, the Golden Eagles had it tied at 88, but X held the last possession.

Then this happened:

You can hear someone yell "that's game" while the ball is in the air. Reports are almost unanimous that it was Paul Scruggs, but in my heart, it was Kunkel.

Only a lucky 300 people got to see it live and in person. If you want a non-TV angle, you'll have to take to Twitter. Perhaps you like the flavor friend of the site Paul Fritschner brings:

If you like some extra polish, maybe the video from the official Xavier account is more your speed:

Fox 19 had a man on the scene; here's what he saw:

And finally, how about legendary radio combo Byron and Joe calling it from the baseline angle?

This would have been absolutely bananas with a capacity crowd, but for now we'll just have to settle for being 8-0. Adam Kunkel, welcome to Xavier.