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The NCAA finally chooses to #LetBenBall

There were probably some other guys involved, but whatever.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 21 Hampton at Kent State
He can dunk!
Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

First, the news:

And the news, but with a picture of Ben:

Obviously this is good for Ben Stanley, as the NCAA finally managed to make the right call for him. It might have taken three attempts, but better embarrassingly late than never, I guess. Ben has as good an argument for getting a waiver as I've ever seen, so it's nonsensical that it took this long for him to be ruled eligible.

This throws another talented player into an already ostensibly crowded frontcourt. Stanley is listed at 6'6", but he was a dominant rebounder at Hampton. More importantly, he's an efficient scorer who did it at high volume in the Big South last season. He's not Nate Johnson, but he's at least a credible threat from beyond the arc

Where Stanley's minutes will come from is a concern, but maybe just on paper. Right now Xavier has Zach Freemantle anchoring the team from the frontcourt, Jason Carter providing a steady supply of glue guy plays, and Bryan Griffin absolutely crushing the glass. You would assume one of them will need to sit for Stanley to get in, and that's before we even take into account getting Dieonte Miles some run or going small by shifting a wing to the four.

There's no such thing as too much depth this season though. The team is never more than one ill-advised trip to the cinema from being down a man or more, and there's the legitimate possibility that Coach Steele needs to keep the squad rotating to keep everyone fresh for some goofy scheduling later on.

For now though, the most important part is that Ben Stanley gets to play, as he should have been able to from the beginning.