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Xavier’s Big East schedule released

Despite the last three games being cancelled, the Big East is pushing ahead with a schedule.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Xavier
Tentative thumbs up
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There are exercises in wishful thinking and then there is releasing a three month schedule in the middle of a global pandemic. Xavier has had three straight games canceled, Butler hasn’t played since the day before Thanksgiving, and DePaul hasn’t played at all, but the matchups for the sixth of March are out. It would seem prudent to avoid making permanent marks on the calendar just yet.

Here is Xavier’s slate the rest of the way. The non-con is over, so this is it. Assuming there are no more cancellations there are three games yet to make up. There are gaps in the schedule (marked in italics below) where those games could yet be played.

Sunday, Dec. 20 Marquette at Xavier
Wednesday, Dec. 23 Xavier at Creighton
Potential open slot
Saturday, Jan. 2 Villanova at Xavier
Wednesday, Jan. 6 St. John’s at Xavier
Sunday, Jan. 10 Providence at Xavier
Potential open slot
Saturday, Jan. 16 Xavier at Seton Hall
Wednesday, Jan. 20 Xavier at Connecticut
Potential open slot
Tuesday, Jan. 26 Georgetown at Xavier
Friday, Jan. 29 Xavier at Butler
Wednesday, Feb. 3 DePaul at Xavier
Sunday, Feb. 7 Xavier at Villanova
Potential open slot
Saturday, Feb. 13 Connecticut at Xavier
Tuesday, Feb. 16 Xavier at St. John’s
Sunday, Feb. 21 Butler at Xavier
Potential open slot
Saturday, Feb. 27 Creighton at Xavier
Tuesday, March 2 Xavier at Georgetown
Saturday, March 6 Xavier at Marquette

As you can see, the Big East has left gaps in the schedule to get games in. So far, no team has missed more than three conference games. There is the chance those all get played, but it will mean that there are no real break for teams to recuperate. Such is life during a pandemic.