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Three Musketeers have been quarantined due to covid-positive contacts

I was hoping to leave my “Xavierona” portmanteau in the drafts folder all season.

NCAA Basketball: Providence at Xavier Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

First, the news:

That’s pretty much the only information we have now. Could be the walk-ons; could be three starters. Could involve Ben Stanley and Adam Kunkel, the Schroedinger’s players of this roster that exist in some weird limbo between existing and a redshirt. We just don’t know who is involved.

What we do know is that this illustrates just how fragile the team’s grasp on the season is. Despite having taken every precaution up to this point, the Muskies still have a mini-outbreak on their hands. The hope for the season has been that staying in Cincinnati until conference play begins would insulate X from dealing with the brunt of the pandemic. That was always a little aspirational; you hope it wasn’t a fool’s errand.

Still, this is not (to this point) as serious as positive tests within the program. Someone who had contact with three Muskies is positive. Contact tracing has taken three dudes out of circulation. God willing, this doesn’t progress beyond that.