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More changes for Xavier's 2020 season

Xavier goes from traveling over the holidays to staying home... and about the Shootout.

Independence Day Celebration In Florida
None of these scenes for Xavier this fall.
Photo by Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto via Getty Images

There's the news. Xavier will not be going to Orlando over the Thanksgiving holiday. Instead Xavier will host their own multi-team event at the Cintas. That will leave the Musketeers with five to seven non-conference games to fill if the schedule looks anything like anticipated.

Toledo was 152nd in the KenPom last season, Oakland was 239th, and Bradley was 107th. This is not the start studded event that the Orlando Invitational will be. Xavier and Siena have now left Orlando, but Michigan State, Gonzaga, and Auburn will still be in attendance. Obviously, the reasoning behind this remains on player safety. Xavier can remain in a less crowded area, interact with fewer teams, and generally limit exposure before Big East play.

Speaking of limiting exposure to accomplished basketball teams, UC continues to dodge the Crosstown Shootout. Xavier and Coach Steele have arranged multiple dates when the game could happen. The ball is now firmly in UC's court. The game would also be on UC's court, which is part of what is causing the issue. Coach John Brannen is currently unwilling to play the Bearcats biggest game of the year and the biggest rivalry in college basketball on a home court with no home court advantage. The Shootout remains in the wind.