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2020-2021 Xavier Season Preview Hub

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Big East Basketball Tournament - First Round Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

We are preparing for a basketball season like no other. The landscape of the game has been completely changed by a global pandemic that ended last season prematurely. Still, Xavier basketball is carrying on this year and, in the interest of being a pleasant distracting from the constant drip feed of bad news that everyone is subjected to, we’re previewing this season as if it were any other. Visit/bookmark this page for constant updates to our team, player, and opponent previews, as well as articles about how Covid-19 will impact this season moving forward.

Player Previews

Colby Jones
CJ Wilcher
Dwon Odom
KyKy Tandy
Dieonte Miles
Daniel Ramsey
Kyky Tandy
Zach Freemantle
The Potential Juniors
Bryan Griffin
Jason Carter
Nate Johnson

Big East Team Capsules

St. John’s
Seton Hall

Know Your Non-Conference Opponent

Oakland Grizzlies
Bradley Braves
Toledo Rockets
Tennessee Tech

Coronavirus News

NCAA basketball game days are going to look a lot different this year

Xavier limits attendance to 300

March Madness to be held in one location

Seton Hall returns positive tests in tier 1 personnel

Marquette loses two weeks of practice to positive tests

Toledo suspends practice after positive tests

Other Resources

Three Man Weave’s excellent Big East preview has Xavier seventh.
“Xavier should still be a competitive squad in 2020-21 despite its significant losses. If Scruggs can successfully ascend into a leadership role and Tandy and Freemantle take expected jumps in their second years, the Musketeers will be in position to punch an at-large bid to the Big Dance.”