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Season in Review: Quentin Goodin

Q was the lightning rod for a team in transition.

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Some technical difficulties slowed our poll results, but we’re back with the player-by-player autopsy of the season and a look at where each guy needs to develop to fit into next year’s plan.

As the point guard for a team that wasn’t as good as fans have become accustomed to, Quentin Goodin took a lot of the critique for Xavier’s disappointing season. While he never quite achieved what he had the year before, Goodin eventually showed plenty to make Coach Steele think he’s the man to carry the team back to the next level.

Community Grade: C

Quentin Goodin Votes % of votes
A 11 0.04%
B 97 40.2%%
C 103 42.70%
D 26 11%
F 4 0.02%
Community GPA: 2.35

Q was the focal point of a lot of the criticism that this team weathered in the earlier parts of the season. A ten point drop in offensive efficiency and a genuinely bad season shooting the ball will do that. Still, fans seem to realize that Goodin wasn’t the only one to blame and recognize the consistent assist rate numbers and a bounce back in perimeter shooting near the end of the season that gives reason for hope coming in 2019-20.

Banners staff grade: C

Q just wasn’t as good as he can be this season. The mitigating factors for that, though, are far reaching. As a point guard, Goodin had benefited from having players like Trevon Bluiett, JP Macura, Kerem Kanter, and Sean O’Mara to throw the ball to for a bucket or to benefit from a play he created. With Xavier having far fewer weapons this season and the offense in transition at the start of the year, teams keyed on Q and knew that he would have to try to beat them. Forced to play a game that didn’t cater to his strengths, Goodin struggled. In much the same way you wouldn’t want a plumber doing your electric, turning a pass first point guard into a guy that carried an offense had predictable results.

Offseason outlook:

It takes only a look at Xavier’s Twitter or Instagram feed to know that Q is still working hard. This season, he’ll have a new array of weapons around him and a familiarity with the offense that wasn’t there at the start of last year. If he can get back to picking his spots but mostly working as a facilitator, expect a bounce back year.