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A Big Ten battle and the Ohio Valley tournament are the highlights of today's bubble action

Also, when did the A10 get so bad? My goodness.

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My brother's nickname is Bubble.
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It was a good night for bubble teams in action last night, as Temple came back on the road to avoid a bad loss against UConn behind 34 from Shizz Alston. Indiana had no such drama, more or less burying Illinois early on and never letting up.


Minnesota at Maryland, 7pm, FS1

The vast bulk of brackets have Minnesota in, and they've got a decent record at 19-11 and 3 Q1 wins. They should feel good about where they are now, but dropping this one and then performing poorly in the Big Ten tournament would leave them sweating on Selection Sunday.

Eastern Michigan at Toledo, 7pm, ESPN+

Toledo has a tenuous claim to a bubble resume. Losing this one at home would more or less put an end to that. EMU is no good; just playing them is a ding to the resume. Losing to them would be a likely fatal blow.

Belmont v. Austin Peay, 8pm, ESPNU

Murray State v. Jacksonville State, 10pm, ESPNU

It's OVC tournament time, baby! One of Murray State and Belmont figures to get the auto bid, as they sport identical 25-4 (16-2) records and are both in the low 50s in KenPom. But... Belmont is a respectable 5-2 in the top 2 quadrants while Murray State is 1-4 and has 19 Q4 wins. A loss tonight eliminates either of these teams, but Belmont has a case if they meet and lose to Murray State in the final. Murray State is probably auto bid or bust at this point. Still, the OVC's last three games should be worth watching.

St. Joseph's at Virginia Commonwealth, 9pm, ESPNU

This one really only features a bubble team if VCU loses. If they win, it's business as usual. The A10 is so dang bad this year, though, that there just aren't chances to make up ground if you take an L in a game like this. No way that happens though.