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The Skip Prosser Classic Expands

Xavier and Wake Forest take the necessary steps to do something genuinely heartwarming.

Xavier v Wake Forest Photo by Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images

The Skip Prosser Classic is a home and home series played by Xavier and Wake Forest for two consecutive years, followed by a two year break. From now on indefinitely, that’s the format and the plan. This season, though, both teams saw fit to change things.

No, no one cancelled. There wasn’t a recruit that was given $100k. No school saw fir to do something so heinous to the other that the game had to be moved. Instead, the two institutions got together and did the right thing for the Prosser family. In a world frequently defined by divisiveness, Xavier and Wake came together and made a good common sense decision.

That decision was to include Western Carolina in the Skip Prosser Classic this year. The Catamounts come to the Cintas on Wednesday the 18th after the Musketeers return from playing Wake Forest in North Carolina this weekend. The reason for this inclusion is that Skip’s son Mark is the head coach of WCU. In Xavier’s release Mark Prosser said “We are very excited, and honestly appreciative, to be involved in the series that bears my father’s name. My father truly loved his time at both Xavier and Wake Forest, and I know that somewhere, he is enjoying watching the Catamounts also! He, and the entire Prosser family, look forward to watching all of the games to come in this wonderful series! We are humbled to hear that it will continue.”

Western Carolina is 7-2 this year and riding a five game winning streak after last losing November 15th at Florida State by only five. The seven wins equal the tally that Prosser managed last season at the helm of the Catamounts, his first as head coach at the DI level. The hot start has propelled WCU to 164th in the KenPom, good for third in the Southern Conference.