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We finally have a podcast: Banter on the Parkway

Anchor made the easy technology available, and we’ve taken advantage.

Mike Dean can’t even wait for the game to be over to have a listen.
Photo credit should read PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images

We have been doing our utmost to bring you the very best we can in Xavier coverage for nearly a decade now. That started with email, branched out on to Facebook, moved to an ancient Blogger site, and has been on SB Nation/Vox Media since December of 2010. In that time we’ve launched Facebook pages and our Twitter account that opposition fans are so fond of.

The next evolution for us is a podcast. Being spread across Ohio keeps us from sitting down and recording together and the fact this is but a hobby has kept us from getting the equipment needed to record over the air. Thanks to Anchor, though, that problem has been solved.

With that, I’m happy to announce our podcast, Banter on the Parkway. We’ll be here at least once a week with the same mixture of statistically based analysis, breakdown of how Xavier is playing, and tongue in cheek irreverence that you’ve come to love (tolerate?) us for. You can find us on basically any major podcast app and you’ll find links below to do just that. Hopefully you’ll find us enjoyable and make listening to us just as much a part of your Xavier routine as reading us is.


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