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Fun statistical tidbits from 2 games of Xavier basketball

Maybe we have different definitions of fun.

NCAA Basketball: Siena at Xavier
Tyrique can't stop dunking. The doctors have done all they can.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing really to get too much of an intro for here. I was just scanning my favorite sources for tempo-free stats and these numbers jumped out at me. Maybe you'll get a kick out of them, too.

Dahmir Bishop leads the team with a 33.1% DReb%. If an opponent misses, there's a 1 in 3 chance Dah will come down with it. The other 9 dudes on the floor are fighting for his scraps.

Naji is doing everything right now. He has a usage rate of 33.5%. Even though his EFG% is dragged down by a woeful 1-11 from deep, his elite assist rate (38.5%) and TO rate (14.0%) have his ORtg at 110.5. If he just stopped shooting threes altogether, he'd be otherworldly.

That said, he's only second on the team in usage rate. The leader, at a staggering 35.7%, is Ramon Singh.

Bryce Moore leads the nation with a 0.0% TO rate. Also, there's not a stat for this, but he plays terrifying defense. Dudes are excited to pass when he's guarding them.

The only thing that can stop Zach Freemantle is his 6.3 fouls per 40 minutes of playing time. Other than that, he has been superb.

It's probably fair to have feedback on Q, but it should be noted that his TO rate of 17.6% is four points lower than his number last year, which bodes well for X going forward.

Leighton Schrand's steals percentage of 2.9% is better than Bryce Moore's, so I think it's an open question who the real lockdown guy on this team is.

Dieonte Miles currently leads the team in developmental redshirts with one.