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Banners on the Parkway 2019-2020 Xavier men’s basketball season preview

This is ongoing already, but now you have one link to click and have it all at your fingertips.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Maryland vs Xavier
There’s no reason to focus on anything else rolling into this year.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The changing leaves, dropping temperatures, and combined 10 losses for the Ohio professional football teams are all harbingers of the same inevitable fact: college basketball season is on the horizon. In less than three weeks, there will be real stats to peruse on KenPom and actual games under the belts of the freshman class.

In the meantime, everybody and his mom is getting their last first looks at the season together, and we’re no different. After a (long) summer of autopsying NIT results and reading way too much into foreign tour numbers, we’re ready to turn the page to the 2019-2020 campaign.

It’s axiomatic that the beginning of a season brings way more questions than answers, so we’ve leaned into that. Every player on the squad and every team in the conference will be the focus of a preview based around the most burning question heading into the season. Farther below, we’ve also linked to our award-deserving Know Your Non-conference Opponent series to get you up to speed on every team the Muskies will face outside of Big East play this year. We’ll also make our predictions for the team’s record and the results of each individual game on the slate.

Bookmark this page and watch for links to be added below. By the time the season starts, everything will be filled in and you’ll be ready to roll.

Xavier players

Does Dieonte Miles need a redshirt season?
Does Dahmir Bishop’s shot play right away?
Can Daniel Ramsey find a spot in the rotation?
Is Zach Freemantle the rare immediate impact big?
Is Kyky Tandy the reliable backup Quentin Goodin has never had?
What about Dontarius James?
How will Jason Carter adjust from being lead dog?
Will Paul Scruggs lead the Musketeers in scoring?
Is Naji Marshall the Big East Player of the Year?
Is Bryce Moore the next great transfer guard for Xavier?
Can Tyrique Jones average a double-double?
Will Quentin Goodin be the first Musketeer to lead the team in assists four straight years?

The Big East

Is Butler going to bounce back?
Can Greg McDermott make this roster work?
Can DePaul make a run at respectability?
Does Patrick Ewing have Georgetown back on track?
Where does losing the Hausers leave Marquette?
Is Providence’s Ed Cooley a good coach?
Is Mike Anderson really the answer for St. John’s?
Is Seton Hall really a top-15 team?
Has normal service resumed for Villanova?

Know Your Non-conference Opponent

Missouri State
The Charleston Classic Second Round
The Charleston Classic Final
Green Bay
The Crosstown Shootout
Wake Forest
Western Carolina
Texas Christian