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Trevon Bluiett is selling his NBA Summer League gear, which is stupid

The only thing hotter than the weather is the takes.

What isn't stupid about the situation is the Tre is selling clothes that he owns for money; that makes total sense to me. Other than my Miroslav Klose World Cup jersey and the uniforms they make me wear for my job, any garment in my closet is yours for the right price. Get that money, Tre.

What is stupid is that Tre has been getting issued gear for years and this is the first time he has been able to both sell it on Instagram and keep playing basketball.

The reason people might be interested in Tre's stuff is not because there is a market-wide shortage of basketball gear. You can find appropriate clothing to hoop in pretty much anywhere; you don't have to scour Instagram to find it. Obviously, people want it because it's Trevon's.

Concomitant to this, followers of Quentin Goodin on Instagram might have seen a few days ago that he was just issued a huge stack of Xavier team gear. He's probably going to wear it for a while, but at some point in time he'll get tired of it, probably because he got issued another huge stack of team gear. That's how life goes for big time college basketball dudes.

When he gets done with what he has been given, Q should be free to sell it, just like Tre should have been with everything X handed him in his four years there. Instead, the NCAA keeps things locked down to keep anyone from profiting off of these guys's images and exposure while they're still amateurs.

Did I say anyone? That may have been a stretch. You may recall that the school was happy enough to sell the Sandy Hook gear Xavier played in, the running man throwbacks from last year, and probably other stuff that I missed. So it's not that the NCAA doesn't want anyone profiting off of amateurs as much as it's that they don't want these guys to be able to get a slice of the pie by selling stuff that belongs to them. Or endorsing things. Or signing autographs. Or anything else.

Anyway, Tre created massive amounts of value for Xavier all while not being allowed to make a dime for himself. Now he's getting paid to play and he can finally sell off things of his that he doesn't own anymore. Follow him on Instagram and make an offer if you want to. Maybe someday dudes will be able to do stuff like this while they're still in college.