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This is not good: Samari Curtis decommits

Losing people is never an ideal situation. Losing a top flight scorer is even less so.

Butler v Notre Dame

There have now been some hiccups for Travis Steele in his first offseason as head coach. First It was Evan Boudreaux, then it was Keonte Kennedy, and now Samari Curtis has decommitted from Xavier. Curtis hails from an hour north of campus in Xenia, and is a highly regarded scorer. From our original piece on him “A top-150 player nationally, Curtis is a three or four-star recruit, depending upon whom you ask. Xavier beat Ohio State, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Arizona to Curtis. He comes into the program with all the markers of someone who will be a very productive player for the Muskies.”Most of that is still true. The part about him doing it for Xavier is not.