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Travis Steele impresses in presser

Xavier’s new coach sounded like a man with a lot of enthusiasm to push the Musketeers over the next 2%.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Maryland vs Xavier Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Steele made his first public appearance as Xavier’s head coach today, and he didn’t disappoint. There is always some trepidation in a fan base when a successful coach moves on, but Steele projected no personal trepidation today. Confident, enthusiastic, and clearly already possessed of a plan, Steele sounded ready for the task awaiting him. Following is our live coverage of the press conference.

It was a good press conference. Whatever you were expecting, Steele likely delivered. More importantly, he’s clearly invested in the program. That’s not to say he won’t leave in a decade but, if he does, I’m now confident that he will leave the program in even better shape than he found. Steele is fond of saying that Xavier has only 2% of the mountain left to climb. On today’s evidence, he may be the man to guide them to the summit.