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Xavier 2017-2018 player of the year fan voting

Now that we have a national champion (and a coach), it’s time to start recapping the season that was for Xavier. We’ll start by letting you tell us how you graded every scholarship player on the roster.

NCAA Basketball: Providence at Xavier Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

There are 351 teams in NCAA D1 basketball. For 350 of them (or 349, depending on how happy the NIT champion is to be the best of the teams that aren’t good enough), the season ends in disappointment.

Each of those teams is made up of a bunch of dudes out there grinding their hearts out. These are guys who are still young enough to have bad games because they’re thinking about a girl or aren’t getting along with their parents. They live multi-faceted lives, trying to pass their classes and find time to hang out with friends all while memorizing their plays, working on their defensive assignments, and training and rehabbing their bodies.

We’re asking you to ignore all that nuance and distill each guy to a single letter grade. Below is a very simple form listing all of the scholarship players. Simply give them the grade that you believe their season deserves.

The factors in making the choice are yours, just make sure that you apply the same standard as you go. We’d love to read in the comments both how you voted, and how you chose to evaluate the players. We’ll leave voting open through Sunday, after which we will release each player’s report card and season breakdown before revealing the team MVP. It’s going to be awesome, trust me.