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What were you expecting?

Xavier fans risk acting like jilted lovers when it’s time to move on.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Xavier vs Texas Southern
Pictured: not the enemy
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

If you were on social media yesterday during the holiday, you may have noticed this little tidbit:

Yes, that is one of the fiercest competitors the Crosstown Shootout has ever seen seemingly moving on from it without much of a thought. Predictably, this caused an absolute firestorm on Twitter, where Xavier fans climbed all over themselves in a desparate rush away from the moral high ground. Not least among those fiery takes was one from Joel, whom I consider one of the best Xavier writers out there, which featured the word “wank.” This created the slightly surreal moment of a Twitter account arguing with itself.

It’s not worth it. This acting like scorned lovers is beneath the fanbase of the Big East’s reigning champions. Coaches come and go and are beholden to the fans where they are at the time. Chris Mack is the beat coach in Xavier history, and he was quick to point out he considers Xavier a national championship contender, but he isn’t Xavier’s coach anymore. Coach Mack is at Louisville now, catering to Louisville fans is his job.

That departure has left some of Xavier Nation stuck in ex status. Imagine, if you will, the young lady (or whatever you prefer) of your dreams decides that she’s taking her talents elsewhere. Unless you are a stalker, you don’t spend time watching her on dates. Similarly, Xavier fans who have never seen a Louisville presser before have no particular reason to watch them now. The past is the past, finding out that the ex is now saying that the current partner is great doesn’t do you any good. Also, what did you expect to hear?

Imagine, again, if you will, that in our hypothetical situation you find a new young lady. She asks you after awhile in the new relationship if her...we’ll go with cooking (it’s a family safe site, folks) is better than that of your previous companion. That’s now where Coach Mack finds himself. Do you look her square in the eyes and tell her that the previous girl’s “cooking” was way better, and probably the best there is? If so, are you clinically insane? This is how people go hungry. Likewise, what did you expect to hear, if you insist on listening, from Chris Mack? I’m sorry, Xavier Nation, he’s not going to say our cooking is better right in front of the new piece.

Look, I understand. I loved Coach Mack. He remembered my son when he saw him after a Seton Hall game and a picture of him with my kids hangs prominently on my daughter’s bedroom wall. He got the fanbase, he was a great recruiter, and he became a brilliant in game coach. I loved him and if he had stayed, I’d have wanted it to be forever. Seriously. He didn’t stay, though. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t any of you, it was him. He’s gone, his kids are gone, Christi is gone, and Bill Murray is gone. They aren’t coming back.

It’s time to stop wallowing, Xavier fans. Unfollow the family on Twitter so you aren’t torturing yourself with Louisville pictures. Don’t watch press conferences, don’t listen to postgame interviews, just stay away. It’s time to let go. Our new relationship is an offensive basketball genius, he’s a great recruiter, and he, just like Mack, gets the fanbase. It’s time to move on. In Steele we trust.