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NCAA March madness bubble watch of basketball 3/4

It’s a lazy Sunday in bubble land.

MLB: Spring Training-Cincinnati Reds at Cleveland Indians Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was monstrous for bubble games! Today is not going to be. In fact, there’s basically one game with bubble implications, depending on how you view the UC v. Wichita State game. Anywho...

Illinois St. v. Loyola-Chicago, 2pm, CBS, St. Louis (MVC tournament final)

Loyola has an interesting resume. They’re 46th in the KenPom and 28th in the RPI. They’re 27-5 going into the game, but 22 of their wins are in quadrants 3 and 4 If they drop this game - which would be a quadrant 2 loss - is 27-6 going to be good enough for them to get a look from the committee? With just 4 wins in the top 2 quadrants, it’s hard to make a case for them.

The Big South, Atlantic Sun, and - comically - the Big Ten will all crown tournament champs tomorrow. The Big South and ASun are definitely one-bid leagues, and the Big Ten’s two remaining teams are both comfortably in and will have eleven days off before they play again.