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The Steve Alford rumor is dead. Long live the Steve Alford rumor.

UCLA's head man was briefly linked to the Xavier vacancy, because news needed made.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Four Practice Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Roughly 24 hours ago, the college basketball sector of the internet flared up with news saying there was mutual interest between Xavier and UCLA coach Steve Alford. This news was both bizarre and important for two reasons. First, the idea that a UCLA coach would not laugh off the idea of swapping Westwood for Norwood would have gotten you committed a decade ago and yet, with Xavier's continued ascent since joining the Big East, was credible enough to make people sit up and take notice across the nation (albiet on an otherwise uneventful Thursday with regards to the sport).

Secondly, with the thought of a coach abandoning the best program in the history of the sport to fill the Chris Mack shaped void in their lives, the people of Xavier Nation flew into frenzy. Because we didn't want him. Alford has taken all the cachet and prestige UCLA affords and been profoundly underwhelming, and holds at least part of the responsibility for unleashing Lavar Ball on the world. UCLA fans almost unanimously wished to see the back of Alford, which probably contributed to Xavier fans' sense of unease.

All that to say that a rumor which didn't make much sense in the first place was killed by Evan Daniels today as Alford announced he had no interest in the Xavier job, a job no one wants him in and that he is probably not qualified for. I guess I should also let you know that I will absolutely not be jumping center for the Muskies next year.