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What’s your March Madness tradition?

The most wonderful weekend of the year is upon us, and the Banners staff is ready to roll.

Philadelphia Hosts The 17th Annual Wing Bowl Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

The co-manager of this site is my brother Brad; I’ve known him my whole life. The other main writer on the staff is my brother Bryan; I’ve know him his whole life. We came up together, skipping every responsibility we had every March to watch the whole first weekend, and that only after spending way too much time with the USA Today spread out in front of us to assist in filling out our brackets.

Throughout high school, college, probably a combined total of nine or ten jobs, each of us getting married, and seven kids, we’ve semi-miraculously managed to get together for at least part of every opening weekend to stuff our faces with fried food. Our brother Jared - who would write with us but, sadly, is illiterate - almost always drops in to join us and lighten our food load.

That’s our thing. I know you guys have your things, too. There are basically three hours until tip-off and 31 until Xavier hits the court; get in our comments and mentions and tell us how you ring in the most wonderful time of the year.