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Celebrate Xavier’s classiest year yet with our Big East Champs t-shirt

Nothing like some #classy garmentry to celebrate Xavier’s undisputed Big East championship; get yours today!

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If there are two things that set apart the Xavier program, it’s winning and winning with class. Coach Mack runs a program based on accountability and upright behavior, and the team is nothing but choir boys on and off the court. To celebrate Xavier’s incredible success on the court and unsullied name in the college basketball community, Banners on the Parkway has collaborated with local designer Ian Gunn and the nice people at Breaking T to bring you a t-shirt of unparalleled class and comfort:

Order yours through this link today to rock it out at all your favorite sporting events, family gatherings, and worship services!

While you’re doing that, also check out Ian’s other work at Ian specializes in pretty much all graphic design services: logo design, marketing, poster design, fine arts, etc. Best of all, he’s a Xavier fan and you can find him @SUNofaGUNN on Twitter for all your classy tweets.