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The Banners Bracket Challenge

You absolutely knew this was coming, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Fill that bracket in and join us here.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Preview David Wallace-USA TODAY Sports

Unless this is your first March on the continent, you know how this goes. You get a bracket, fill in your picks, follow along a bit obsessively, then burn the dang thing sometime early in the second weekend. It’s great to do on your own, but it gets exponentially better if you can bring a bunch of other people in on the suffering.

Obviously we’re doing just that here at Banners. This year we are going with ESPN for our bracket challenge. To the winner goes... well, not anything other than bragging rights, but the fun of competition is why we do these things. To join, simply click this link. It’s that easy.

You’ll note that you can have up to three entries per user. This isn’t because we believe in bracket polygamy, because we don’t. Have some respect for yourself. We do set it like that so if you have kids that want to play, a significant other than doesn’t have a username, or you’re crazy and think your pet talks to you, you can get them involved. Honor code is, of course, our only way of enforcing this, but it’s important to us that everyone who wants to play has a chance to.

To review:

  • Click a link
  • Fill out an entry

Reap glory for yourself and your entire house.