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Xavier and Butler need overtime at Hinkle Fieldhouse, a big, stupid barn

Trevon won this game because he’s a legend. Suck it, Butler.

Gotta feed my daughter; recap will be slightly delayed.

We’re going to miss Sean O’Mara

Not only was he unstoppable in the post tonight, but his physical play in the paint is a severely underrated facet of his game. He basically fouled out the entire Butler front line on his own down the stretch. He blocked and altered more shots than anyone else on the floor for Xavier. The Muskies benefited from his savvy play all day, and it was his gravity on the post that freed Tre for a huge three with 2 minutes left to put X up 7.

JP Macura traded something for those last 10 minutes against Seton Hall

He hasn’t been the same since. After dropping 7, 11, and 7 in the last three games, he was functionally anonymous today. He shot twice, turned it over three times, and had Coach Mack’s attention for something that did not appear to be a pleasant chat. I don’t know what’s going on with JP, but I hope he shakes it off very soon.

Tre loves it

Trevon was not lighting the world on fire through 30 minutes of game time, but he found the right gear when it came down to brass tacks. He hit a three that looked like a dagger with 2 minutes left in regulation, but Xavier gagged away a seven-point lead. He was nails down the stretch, though. His unorthodox three-point play gave Xavier a four-point lead that Butler cut to two with a minute left. Then Tre did this: