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Xavier 2018-2019 Player Preview: Kyle Castlin

Castlin comes to Xavier as a grad transfer from Columbia. How will his Ivy League experience translate to Big East competition?

NCAA Basketball: Columbia at Villanova
With his experience losing to Nova, Castlin was a perfect fit for Xavier.
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Xavier has three grad transfers this season, and of them, Kyle Castlin is arguably making the least significant leap. Considering the fact that he’s coming from a middle of the pack Ivy League team that finished 231st in the KenPom last year, it’s hard to interpret that as a significantly encouraging sign.

Castlin is a 6’4” wing who has been plagued by injuries for his entire career. The season of eligibility he punted on to be eligible to be a grad transfer was lost due to toe problems, but he hasn’t hand an entirely healthy season since his junior campaign. The spectrum of possible outcomes for Castlin is broad in his final go ‘round at the college level.

Best case scenario:

Castlin is healthy and productive and provides valuable leadership around the perimeter. A career 36.4% shooter from deep with a reputation as a solid defender, he is the first man off the bench and an invaluable glue guy. The 10/6/4 with just 1 turnover he dropped on Nova when at Columbia is more or less what fans come to expect of him in a Malcolm Bernard role.

Worst case scenario:

He battles injuries all year. Xavier isn’t super deep at guard, but Castlin is slowed by the same troubles that have plagued him throughout his career. He shows signs of why he was brought in while he’s able to play, but he has trouble getting up to speed and never finds a stride.

Most likely scenario:

Bart Torvik has him down for 7/3/1 with a low usage rate but high efficiency, and that seems about right. He’s probably never going to be asked to be the primary scorer on the floor for the team and, with the luxury of picking his spots, he’s able to consistently get shots he likes. He’s a solid glue guy for a team in transition.