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Xavier men’s basketball 2017-18 schedule with TV listings, tip times, and what not

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The long summer is coming to a close, and basketball is just around the corner.

Xavier v Gonzaga
Yeah, Tre, it’s good news.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Here is a pretty picture of the schedule:

Tom Eiser’s notes:

  • There are 18 home games on the schedule, the most in program history
  • Every single game on the schedule is televised, including 17-18 on FS1 and 5-6 on FOX National
  • There are 18 games against teams that made last year’s NCAA tournament on the schedule

My favorite non-conference game - aside from the Crosstown Shootout - is that Wisconsin game on November 16. Xavier can’t seem to get any love from the Gavitt Games, and the Muskies obviously have unfinished business to handle with Wisconsin. Once we get done seeing that stupid shot 400 times in the pre-game, that should be a good one.

On the conference side of things, things start out rough, but I think Xavier can make hay down the stretch. After the game @Butler on February 6, the toughest games left on the schedule are at home. If the young guns X brings in are rounding into form, look for the team to make a late run in conference play.

What games jump off the schedule to you? Where are the toughest parts of the schedule, and what do you think are the soft spots for X?