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Xavier World Series Today

The Xavier World Series in Photos
Coach Mack takes this pretty seriously

If there is only one non-basketball thing you take your family to watch the Xavier basketball team do this year, the World Series should be it. Today at 3PM at Hayden Field, the team will put on their annual public demonstration of exactly why it is they play basketball. While middle-aged dudes all over the nation have no trouble crushing a softball, even after the occasional adult beverage or six, some of the most finely tuned athletes in the nation will spend today making that task look almost impossible.

JP Macura and Sean O’Mara will undoubtedly again set the bar for the players, and Xavier’s coaching staff may be just as comfortable on a softball diamond as they are recruiting. There will be more swinging and missing in this one game, though, than you may have observed at all the softball fields you’ve frequented in your entire life. I’m not exaggerating, it’s bad.

All that said, it’s well worth dipping out of work early, gathering the family, and making the trip. After the game, the players and the coaches come and mingle with any fans in attendance. This is where Xavier really shines as a program. Two years ago, Jalen Reynolds picked up one young man too small to talk to some of his 6-10 heroes and carried him around to meet everyone. Last year JP stayed and signed autograph after autograph and posed for countless pictures. If you have kids that want to meet Trevon, Q, and Tyrique, who is much friendlier on a softball diamond than a basketball court, this is a great opportunity.