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Saturday Morning Caf Brunch Questions

Solving all the world’s problems

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Xavier v Baylor Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Good morning everyone! Welcome back to the caf brunch questions. It’s graduation day at Xavier, so let’s try our best to not feel too old today.

1.) In honor of graduation, what is one of your favorite memories on campus?

2.) It’s also 513 day, so what is one of your favorite memories in Cincinnati?

3.) What is the perfect Graeters order?

4.) Best ride at King’s Island?

5.) What advice would you give to the Xavier class of 2017?

As always, leave your answers in the comments section below. If you are graduating today (and taking the time to read this) congratulations and thank you for continuing the tradition of making Xavier a wonderful place. AMDG.