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Xavier basketball 2016-2017 season in review fan vote

Reduce your favorite players to nothing but a single letter for our amusement!

Xavier v Arizona
I’ll miss this guy.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I don’t mean to sound like an old person, but time keeps speeding up on me. When I was a kid, there were about three months between December 1 and Christmas. Now it seems like yesterday that Ed was healthy, Myles was going to come back at some point, and X was about to tip off a season with Elite Eight potential.

“Time,” as the hymn writer penned, “...bears all its sons away.” The season has returned from the dust whence it sprung, and now we’ve got all summer to make sense of it all. Let’s get started.

Below is a very simple form listing all of the scholarship players. Simply give them the grade that you believe their season deserves. The factors in making the choice are yours, just make sure that you apply the same standard as you go. We'd love to read in the comments both how you voted, and how you chose to evaluate the players. We'll leave voting open through Friday, after which we will release each player's report card and season breakdown before revealing the team MVP. It's going to be awesome, trust me.