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Xavier interested in Miami (OH) transfer PG Michael Weathers

Weathers had an outstanding freshman year and is looking to step up in competition.

Kansas v Wichita State
We have no pictures of this dude.
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First, proof I’m not making this up:

Weathers was a lightly-regarded three-star recruit when he signed with Miami (OH), but his sterling freshman season has him on bigger radars. The 6’2”, 161-pound point guard averaged 16.7/4.2/4.8 on .431/.221/.777 shooting, leading the Redhawks in points, assists, blocks, and steals. Those numbers helped earn him MAC Freshman of the Year honors.

His analytics numbers were kind of a mixed bag. First off, his usage was a sky-high 37.5%, 3rd in the nation. His inefficiency should be seen through the lens of the fact that he was being asked to do an awful lot for his team.

Anyway, his ORtg of 91.7 isn’t that inspiring. He posted a miserable EFG% of 44.7%, but his assist rate of 40.7% was 5th in the nation and his TO% of 24.9% is high, but not catastrophic for a freshman through whom the entire offense is running. That FT% came on 160-206 and he drew 7.4 fouls per 40 minutes played, so the dude knows his way to the line.

Weathers isn’t immediately eligible, and it’s not impossible to see where he fits into Xavier’s plans. By the time Weathers would be able to play, Q would be a junior and Paul Scruggs a sophomore. Weathers would give Xavier a presumably solid second PG would could allow the Muskies to rest Quentin Goodin without necessarily having to put Paul Scruggs on the ball. A second true PG on the roster wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I’m not sure a backup point for two years from now is Xavier’s most pressing need, but it does seem that X will once again be active in the transfer market. If this season proved anything, it’s that Coach Mack has a knack for bringing in the guys he needs to keep the team ticking over.