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2017 NBA draft combine: forgot about Tre

Xavier’s star G/F was the recipient of nothing more than an alternate invite to the combine.

Xavier v Gonzaga Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

So there’s this:

Bluiett - who is yet to have hired an agent - is once again not part of the main event in regard to the NBA draft combine. After having dipped his toe into the process last year, he finds himself in the same basic position this time around.

Tre was good for 18.4/5.7/2.1 on .439/.373/.753 shooting. He rolled out an ORtg of 112.1 and was unquestionably Xavier’s primary scoring option, even when struggling through an ankle injury during the stretch run. He was at his best when the lights were the brightest, dropping 40 in the Shootout and averaging 25 PPG on 24-46/11-23/16-20 shooting in Xavier’s three NCAA tournament wins.

The obvious follow-up question is that of where this leaves Trevon. On the one hand, he apparently hasn’t drummed up strong enough NBA interest to grab a full combine invite. It seems at this point that he isn’t going to be in demand in the draft. On the other hand, is another year at X going to change that?

He has demonstrated that he is a very good version of the kind of player he is. Apparently that kind of player isn’t going to get a lot of play from the NBA. Is there anything he can do in the next season to change that? Aside from completely overhauling his game - which would probably have to include getting taller or faster to impress the league - it’s not clear there is.

Tre’s current choice is play another year for free while having to attend classes or head to Europe to make some pretty good money hooping. The only potential curveball is whether or not he thinks he can change the NBA’s mind with one more year at X. Selfishly, I hope he believes he can.