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Impress your friends, gall your enemies, and woo your desired guy or gal by winning the Banners on the Parkway bracket contest

Got all that?

NCAA Basketball: DePaul at Xavier
Tell her it’s this big. She’ll believe you and be impressed.
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Unless this is your first March on the continent, you know how this goes. You get a bracket, fill in your picks, follow along a bit obsessively, then burn the dang thing sometime early in the second weekend. It’s great to do on your own, but it gets exponentially better if you can bring a bunch of other people in on the suffering.

Obviously we’re doing just that here at Banners. The nice people at Yahoo! bribed us to use their service are sponsoring our bracket contest this year, so all you have to do is click this link and go on right through to the bracket contest. From there you can go ahead and fill in a bracket, but I’d suggest waiting until after Selection Sunday. I’m fairly bad at these things though, so maybe ask someone else for advice.

To review:

  • Click a link
  • Fill out an entry
  • Reap glory for yourself and your entire house