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The first domino falls: Edmond Sumner declares for NBA draft

Edmond Sumner will leave Xavier to chase his dream in the NBA.

NCAA Basketball: Xavier at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier has seen the last of their incredibly talented and perpetually smiling young point guard. Despite an ACL tear suffered just before The Dark Times, Edmond Sumner has declared for the NBA draft and hired an agent.

It is hard to begrudge anyone who makes a choice to chase their dream, and that is what Ed is doing here. His athletic talents are obvious to anyone who watched him play the game, and it’s clear they will play at the next level. While Ed may not be as polished a shooter as the league would like right now, there is no reason to think he can’t grow into it. Obviously, he’ll be a draft and stash for some team right now as he is unlikely to be able to play in games until at least January. As a resident of NE Ohio, there’s that small hope that he becomes the playmaker that LeBron James has been asking for.

There’s some disappointment in seeing Sumner leave. Anyone possessed of the ability to play in the NBA would obviously look good in Xavier colors next season. That said, Coach Mack obviously recruited last year with an eye toward Ed leaving. Quentin Goodin showed he can run the point, and Paul Scruggs and Naji Marshall will be able to help him there. So thanks for the memories, Ed. The team is in good hands, and we’ll always have this:

NCAA Basketball: Cincinnati at Xavier Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports