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Essential reading before Xavier and Gonzaga tip off in the Elite Eight

Edmond’s writing about Edmond, live win probabilities, and a visualization exercise for the whole team.

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-West Regional Practice
I’m glad Ed is here.
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The afternoon has been a steady thrum of nervous energy for me, and there’s still a couple of hours left until tip time this evening. Sometimes reading helps you pass the time. If so, here’s some stuff you might like:

Keep grinding | Edmond Sumner


Xavier v. Gonzaga live win probability | NumberFire

If you were following along on this site against Arizona, you probably had a chance for your head to confirm what your gut was telling you with about three minutes left in the game. Xavier got the miracle they needed then; hopefully it doesn’t come to that this time around.

Xavier's visualization: 'Cut down the nets into existence' |

Xavier did a lot of things to get ready for this weekend (as one might imagine). One of the most unorthodox was to cut down their own nets in the auxiliary gym. Coach Mack wanted the team to be able to visualize what they were trying to achieve. Let’s hope it worked.

Xavier's Goodin steadies and Mack catches a monkey |


Nothing like a little music to get you into the mood for some basketball. Sometimes the obvious choice is obvious for a reason. Let’s go.