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Essential reading before Xavier and Arizona tip off in the Sweet 16

Live win probabilities, Trevon’s writing about Trevon, and a nifty little spreadsheet.

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-West Regional Practice
This guy wrote one of these posts.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re like me, you’re going to need a nap to be able to stay up for Xavier v. Arizona tonight. Here’s some food for your subconscious mind before you set that alarm for 10pm and wake up hoping for the best:

Attack and finish | Trevon Bluiett


Xavier v. Arizona live win probability | NumberFire

Just bookmark this one for now, but you can check back with it throughout the game. The nice people at NumberFire have assured me that it will track live and keep you posted on what Xavier’s chances of winning are at any given point in the game. Good stuff if you’re into that.

NCAA Sweet 16 scouting reports | SportsPerch

These aren’t like in-depth reports on each player’s tendencies, but it’s nice at-a-glance statistical look at what both teams bring to the table. Green is good on the little spreadsheet, and Arizona has a ton of it. Once the ball goes up though, that’s all out the window.

Meet the Xavier senior in charge of the basketball team's urn, ashes |

Why does Xavier have an urn and ashes? Somebody worked hard writing this story; you should at least click through to find out what’s up here.

You’re obviously going to need a lullaby to get you ready for that nap. I’ve got one in the chamber for you already: