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Ballpark Blueprints releases Cintas Center

Ballpark Blueprints has released their Cintas Center print to coincide with Xavier’s latest Sweet 16 run.

You may have noticed during the first two rounds that we ran a contest with @BallparkArt on Twitter to giveaway the blueprint art for the Cintas Center. Another one of those contests is coming in the next round, but that isn’t your only way to get your hands on this really cool piece for a den or sports room. (We will continue to protest and boycott the use of the demeaning phrase “man cave.”)

The first thing you all need to know is that we don’t get commission, a chunk of the sales, or any sort of monetary reward for talking about this. We’re here to highlight Xavier basketball and things for the fans of the Musketeers. We get hundreds of emails this time of year pushing everything from grills to video services, most of them don’t get passed along. This one, from Tom of Ballpark Blueprints, stood out.

What Tom does is, in his words “capture the distinctive artwork and beauty of sports stadiums in a series of posters.” Jacobs Field, home of the American League Champion Cleveland Indians, had caught my eye some time ago, so when Tom sent this email, I was already familiar with his work. If you’re a fan of teams stuck in rebuilding mode, there’s a Great American Ballpark print as well.

That’s it and that’s all. Put a frame on the poster and you’ve got the perfect Father’s Day present for the dad that has become increasingly difficult to buy for. (Spoiler alert if you’re reading, Dad). For the Xavier fan for whom this great t shirt isn’t the answer, or for whom you’ve already bought one, this piece is distinctive and classy. Either way, X is in the Sweet 16 and there are many great ways to take advantage of that.