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Breaking T debuts “Kings of the Queen City” shirt for Xavier’s Elite Eight run

There’s no doubting Xavier’s status as the top program in Cincinnati. Now we have a shirt that proclaims it.

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Since 2000, Xavier has gone 12-6 in the Crosstown Shootout. In that last decade alone, the Muskies have won 14 NCAA tournament games to just 5 for their little brothers in town. Change the conference affiliation or the TV deal or the national respect and one thing will remain constant: Xavier is unquestionably the reigning program in the city.

Every Musketeer fan knows that X runs the city, and now we’ve partnered with Breaking T to give you a chance to wear the sentiment on your chest. Be the envy of your Xavier-loving friends with the “Kings of the Queen City” tee. Click through there to get a look at the shirt and more details.

As is the program’s habit, Xavier is once again playing in the second weekend of the tournament. What better time to add to your collection of Musketeers merchandise?