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Quentin Goodin has stopped turning the ball over as a starter

How many games does a guy need to play to get his number retired?

NCAA Basketball: DePaul at Xavier
Sharing a laugh about how silly it would be to pass to the other team.
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Since Edmond Sumner went down, Quentin Goodin has been Xavier’s starting point guard. That seems obvious, but I wanted to point out right off the rip that I’m not talking about the beginning of the next game; I’m talking about from the moment at which someone else had to take the free throw because Ed couldn’t stand.

From that point forward, Xavier has played about 130 minutes of Sumnerless basketball, accounting for something on the order of 277 offensive possessions. Of those 277 possessions, Quentin Goodin has been on the floor for about 240 of them. The data gets a hair fuzzy here because I can’t afford any service I’m aware that is going to break it down like that for me.

The point is, the Quentin Goodin Era - somewhat prematurely foisted upon us - has featured about 20 dozen possessions for our young hero. He has personally used about 55 of them (he’s not bashful), and of those 55, just 8 have ended on Goodin turnovers.

Eight. If you’re not interested in doing the math yourself, that’s a TO rate of 14.5%, which is sensational for a guy spending the whole game with the ball in his hands. That’s the kind of territory usually reserved for catch-and-shoot guys like Cole Huff or Kaiser Gates.

I know this isn’t huge news to you all, and I know there’s a difference between a rich vein of form for three games and worrying about losing a guy to the draft, but... I know a lot of people were worried about the PG situation when Ed went down. Heck, even my optimism was based more in hope than expectation. Just a hair under 300 possessions later though, Quentin Goodin has steadied the ship as well as even the most glass-half-full of Xavier fans could have hoped.