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Pre-Duel Pleasantries: Seton Hall

The season is not officially over

Butler v Seton Hall Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

This season is quickly spiraling down for Xavier, but there is a pretty decent chance at a win tonight against Seton Hall. To get us ready for the game, we talked to Christ McManus over at who can tell us a bit more about the Pirates. Let’s see what he had to say.

1.) Welcome back to Cincinnati! The last time Xavier and Seton Hall met was in the Big East tournament. How have things been going in Jersey this year?

The post-Isaiah Whitehead era has been a little rocky and has reminded some fans of two seasons ago when Seton Hall hit mid-season turbulence and took a dismal nose dive that lasted through the end of the season. Things aren't that bad as Kevin Willard and his group have proved to be capable of matching good teams with ample preparation, but the lack of a true commanding point guard has been paramount.

2.) Joe Lunardi has the Pirates in the first four out. What needs to happen in order to make the tournament?

Does he? I personally don't check Bracketology until at least mid-February. That in mind, it's so tough to predict these sort of things when a current top-3 seed can hypothetically fall out of the field. Seton Hall will need to at least split their road games against Xavier and then Georgetown plus win at least three of their next five games (four of which come at home) to stay afloat, in my view.

3.) Who do you think will be the impact player for Seton Hall on Wednesday, Angel Delgado, Khadeen Carrington, or someone else?

I think people that watch Seton Hall regularly have become used to Angel Delgado's big nights but to an outsider, he is the most likely to be labelled an impact performer. Interestingly enough, he has failed to register any double-doubles over five games against Xavier, so maybe Sumner's devastating injury provides some breathing room for Khadeen Carrington to exploit.

4.) Kevin Willard has been in Jersey for a while now. Is there any coach in the Big East that you would swap him for?

Funny you say that, because a lot of Pirate fans are not too fond of him. Looking at the Big East standings as of today, I would say many fans would take the top six coaches over Willard without question. He gets the edge over an unproven Chris Mullin, a struggling JT3, and Dave Leitao.

5.) Please explain this logo (

That's the throwback Pirate logo which has been resurrected over the last season or two with the help of Under Armour promoting a "Glory Days" uniform which is universally loved. It's a lot more fierce looking logo than the alternative!

6.) Score Prediction?

Prior to Sumner's injury, I had strong doubts about this one. But factoring in Seton Hall's week of rest and Xavier's quick turnaround, I think they can edge this game. 68-61