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Xavier upends Colorado: Three takeaways

Revenge is sweet, sir. Xavier easily cruised to another rematch win

NCAA Basketball: Colorado at Xavier Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The Revenge Tour is nearing a non-conference end, and X is making sure it ends well. The Musketeers built an early 26 point lead on their way to a 96-69 win that was almost literally never in doubt.

JP does what he wants

Macura took some abuse, sort of, for an anonymous performance against Kent State. Yesterday, he scored 17 in the first half as Xavier effectively ended. Then, he reprised his role as harasser in chief and facilitator. His A/TO ratio is now that of a top end point guard.

Trevon keeps rolling

Bluiett had 25 points on 14 shots yesterday, is top 30 in the nation in offensive efficiency, and hasn’t yet shown any sign of being stoppable. At some point he may cool off, but that doesn’t look to be anytime soon.

Focus is an issue

Xavier’s lead hit 26 and then the Musketeers almost inarguably switched off. The lead dipped all the way to 23 (I know, that’s not exactly alarm worthy) before the team snapped back out of it. Some of that is down to resting Q, but Xavier can’t afford to ship points every time their point guard is on the bench.