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Xavier v. Hampton: Game Chat, Feeds, and Keys

All the information you could possibly (maybe) want about this game is below.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Full Preview - Radio Feed

TV Feed

Three keys

-Watch Jermaine Marrow. At 6'0", 182, he'll be physically overmatched by Xavier's guards, but he's the straw that stirs the drink for Hampton. He's first in the nation in usage rate, second in shots percentage, and sixth in assist rate, all with a turnover percentage under 10%. He played all 40 minutes Hampton's last time out and poured in 25/4/4 on 12-25/1-1/0-0 shooting. Kudos to him for fighting the good fight.

-Control the game early. As long as Xavier doesn't do anything silly, Leighton Schrand has a shot at good minutes tonight. Handle business first, enjoy garbage time second. X has done a good job at thumping lesser opponents this year, and that should continue tonight.

-Don't get hurt. Seriously.