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Xavier v. Wisconsin: three takeaways

Basketball is back for real, and Xavier picked up a statement win at Wisconsin.

NCAA Basketball: Xavier at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

This was looking grim, right until it didn't. Xavier was up 7 and nearing control of the game, but Wisconsin came back and the game was tied with just under four minutes to play.

Then X did what they couldn't two years ago and got the stops they needed. A 16-4 run from the under-4 to garbage time settled the game, and X is still undefeated.

JP Macura is a bad man

Trevon took a minute to warm into the game, but JP had the Badgers chasing their tails from the word go. He has the savvy around the rim of a much less athletic man, which makes his ability to hang in the air for that extra half second unfair. Add in court vision and a penchant for chaos and you've got a heck of a player. With Tre scuffling, JP was the best player on the floor tonight.

Post defense might be an issue

I know Ethan Happ is supposed to be one of the best players in the game, but Xavier made him look like Wilt for long stretches of tonight's game. There are some post scorers in the Big East; the Muskies are going to have to figure out a way to do better against them than they did against Happ tonight.

Second half Tre is still a thing

Tre was virtually absent in the first half. All he did in the second half was drop 21 on 6-9 shooting and go on a personal 10-0 run in the last two minutes to end the game. When the second dagger three went in, the rich boy swagger came out as Tre stared down the entire arena. They knew, and he knew that they knew.