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Xavier v. Morehead State: three takeaways

The Muskies hit the ground running with a complete boat race in the first game.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Maryland vs Xavier
There was a lot to smile about today at Cintas.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was satisfying. More than seven months after walking off the court for the last time last season, the Muskies are back in action. Morehead probably made some money on this game, and it's a good thing, because they didn't get much out of this one competitively. Here are some other thoughts.

Tre and JP are on a mission

Xavier's senior leaders combined for a cool 43/8/7 on 15-19/6-9/7-9 shooting despite checking out of the game with ten minutes left to play. Not a lot left to say there. In a game Xavier should have buried early, their top two players came came out and did just that.

This team is crazy athletic

Forget for a moment that Xavier put three dunks on the front of the rim. X blocked nine shots on the game and flew all over the court. There was a clear disparity between what Morehead was able to do compared to the Muskies. Everybody getting his school paid for looked bigger and more athletic than I've ever seen on a Xavier team. These guys are big time.

Coach Mack isn't in his bag yet

JP scored the first bucket of the year on an old favorite baseline out of bounds play. After that, it was all man defense and pattern offenses for X. The man pulling the strings kept his best stuff in the locker room tonight.