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Saturday Morning Caf Brunch Questions

Answering all the important questions

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Xavier v Baylor Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Happy weekend Xavier fans! Welcome back to the caf. On Saturday mornings, we gather to ponder the greatest mysteries that our world has. Or talk food, sometimes it’s just that. Let’s get started.

1.) Thoughts on the new X uniforms? Which one is your favorite?

2.) Who are you rooting for in the MLB playoffs? And if no one, then will you be watching?

3.) The other day I made canned Skyline Chili for the 20th time and reminded myself of how bad it is out of a can. What’s one food that you eat out of a can that you know is not good yet you keep eating it anyway?

4.) What are your weekend plans?

5.) We’re still a month away from Xavier hoops. What are you most excited for in this next month?

As always, leave your answers in the comments below. Have a great weekend everyone. AMDG.