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Xavier 2017-2018 player preview: Quentin Goodin

Goodin stepped in for Ed Sumner last year and piloted Xavier to the Elite Eight; what will he do for an encore?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-West Regional-Arizona vs Xavier
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Quentin Goodin has the strength of ten ordinary men, or at least ten ordinary point guards. Built like a refrigerator across the shoulders, he still has the burst to leave defenders at the arc and the bounce to punch on rotating forwards at the rim.

It didn't always turn out that way last year. Q's jump shot - or lack thereof - often hamstrung his offensive efforts. Despite an EFG% of just 30.8% in Big East play, he was still fifth in the conference in assist rate. His turnover numbers were unspectacular but solid for a freshman, and he was a good defender on a team that wasn't deep in them.

How does all that look to play out this year?

Best case scenario:

Goodin discovers a jump shot. With defenders no longer playing six feet off him on the perimeter, his athletic ability comes into full play. Passing lanes open as he's able to collapse defenses off the bounce, causing his assist rate to climb and his turnover rate to drop. His defense stays solid and he goes toe to toe (blow for blow like woah) with the elite point guards of the conference.

Worst case scenario:

With a year of film under their belts, opponents are really able to push Q off of what he wants to do. Without a jumper to make sagging defenses pay, Goodin finds it tough sledding everywhere he goes. He has the talent to make it work, but he remains the guy in charge of managing the offense instead of the guy making it.

Most likely scenario:

Jumpers don't just sprout out of dudes overnight, but Goodin has a solid skill set without one and appears willing to put in the work to improve. Just enough flick to bring defenders up to him a bit will really open things up for Q. I'm on record on Twitter saying that I think Goodin is going to have a monster year, and I still feel that way. I think Q is going to demonstrate that he's worthy of the torch Ed passed to him in the middle of last season.