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Myles Davis returns from indefinite suspension for Xavier

After an indefinite suspension that lasted 15 games, Myles is back for the duration of the year for Xavier.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Wisconsin vs Xavier
Welcome back, Myles!
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

This is the news you’ve been waiting for, Xavier fans. Here’s Coach Mack:

For those of you who don’t remember, Myles’s suspension stems from an offseason incident that involved, among other things, Myles allegedly smashing his ex-girlfriend’s phone. Myles ended up pleading guilty to disorderly conduct and was ordered to pay court fees and restitution.

Coach Mack drew a hard line on this one - and rightly so, in this writer’s opinion - and suspended Myles indefinitely. Mack had the spine to make “indefinite” mean more than “one game,” and Myles sat the first 15 games of the year. Now he’s back on the active roster.

Davis averaged 10.8 PPG as a junior last year and shot 38.1% from beyond the arc. He also served as a ball distributor, sitting second on the team with a 24.6% assist rate. Xavier fans expect his leadership and shooting prowess will help shore up some issues the team has had, but Coach Mack’s admonition that he’ll have to earn everything he gets and that he has a lot of work to do might temper expectations.

X hits the toughest stretch of the year now, playing at Nova, at Butler, and hosting Creighton in the next three games. Hopefully Myles is ready for the deep end. Here’s his statement: