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Saturday Morning Caf Brunch Questions

Solving all the mysteries

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Xavier v Baylor Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Good Saturday morning all! One more day until Xavier gets to finally (hopefully) win a game, and only one year until we can take back the title of best in Cincinnati. Let’s get started.

1.) What’s the best movie you have seen recently?

2.) Weekend plans?

3.) Last weekend I managed to create my own version of planes, trains, and automobiles; so in honor of that, tell us your best travel nightmare story.

4.) The UC blogger said that Goldstar Chili was best and I said Skyline, so what is your chili preference? One of those two, somewhere else, or not at all?

5.) Who has been your favorite Xavier player that wasn’t the best, yet you just really enjoyed watching them play?

As always, leave your answers in the comments below. Enjoy today and get ready to beat St. John’s tomorrow. AMDG.