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Crosstown Shootout Facts

A few fun facts prior to the game on Thursday

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One of the things I’ve enjoyed about running a Xavier based twitter account for about a year is finding new and interesting facts about the program that others may not have noticed.  As we approach the annual Crosstown Shootout I’ve compiled a list of facts (all completely true) about the two programs.  Let’s get started.


  • Chris Mack is 5-2 in the crosstown shootout. Mick Cronin is 3-7.
  • Xavier has won 7 of the last 9, 10 of the last 14, 14 of the last 20, and 20 of the past 33 Shootouts.
  • If you are younger than 43 years old, Xavier has had a winning record against UC in your lifetime.
  • Xavier’s 23 point win in the 11/12 season was the biggest margin of victory in the crosstown shootout in the past 50 years.
  • In games decided by 4 or fewer points, Xavier is 18-6 all time. In games decided by 3 of fewer points, Xavier is 15-6. In games decided by 2 or fewer points, Xavier is 12-5. In games decided by 1 point, Xavier is 3-1. In games decided in OT, Xavier is 5-1.


  • Mick has landed 3 Top 100 recruits since 2010. Chris Mack has 3 in his 2017 class.
  • Since 2010 UC has 3 Top 100 recruits. Xavier has 11. UC has 5 Top 125 recruits. Xavier has 16. UC has 8 Top 150 recruits. Xavier has 20.
  • In the past 8 years, Xavier has had one top 10 recruiting class, 4 top 25 recruiting classes, and 6 top 30 recruiting classes. UC has had one top 25 recruiting class and it was 25th.


  • Forbes ranks Xavier as the 19th most valuable team in college basketball. UC is unranked. Even Dayton ranks ahead of them.
  • Xavier basketball makes more in profit every year than UC basketball and football…combined.
  • In terms of revenue, UC basketball makes about $6M a year.  Xavier makes about double that at ~$12M a year.
  • Big East basketball has a larger TV deal than the American has with football and basketball combined. The Big East also has less teams to share revenue with.
  • Xavier has had a higher per game home attendance than UC for 11 straight years. Fifth third arena seats 2,926 more people than the Cintas Center.


  • The past 20 years, UC has 13 tournament wins. Xavier has 19.
  • Since 1990 XU has made 20 tournaments. They have been upset 5 times and upset lower seeds 8 times. UC has made 20 tournaments. They been upset 11 times in that period, with a single win over a lower seed.
  • Since 1980 Xavier has made 25 NCAA Tournaments. UC has made 20.
  • Bob Huggins never beat a lower seed a single time at UC.
  • UC is one of 8 teams to make the tournament 6 straight seasons. The other teams have 15, 15, 14, 13, 11, 9, and 8 tournament wins in that time. UC has 4. They are the only team of the bunch without an elite 8 in that period.
  • 56 different teams have made the elite 8 since UC last made it. Xavier has made it twice. UC has 15 straight tournament appearances without an Elite 8. In that time 57% of all power conference schools have made an Elite 8.
  • 38 different teams have made the Sweet 16 since UC last made it.


  • XU has one AP player of the year, David West. He averaged 20.1 pts, 11.8 Rbds, and 3.2 Asts per game. UC has one AP Player of the year, Kenyon Martin. He averaged 18.9, 9.7, and 1.4.
  • Since Xavier joined, UC is 0-5 against the Big East.
  • UC has yet to play a top 10 team since joining the AAC. Xavier has played 12 in that same period.
  • In the past 10 years Xavier has been ranked in the top 10 in 5 different seasons. UC has been in two.

In the sake of fairness, I'll also list some facts that UC has over Xavier.

  • UC has a Final Four.
  • UC won a national championship 55 years ago.

Let summarize.   In recent history, Xavier has owned the head to head battle against UC.  Xavier has out recruited UC, and continues to do so every single year.   Xavier makes more money than UC, has a better arena, better facilities, draws more fans, and is in a power conference.  And Xavier has had more tournament success than UC.   Make no mistake about it, this city now belongs to the team with its skyline painted on the court.  Go Muskies.