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Myles Davis leaving Xavier immediately

So this isn't good.

Wisconsin v Xavier Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

According to an announcement he made on Twitter, Myles Davis is no longer part of the Xavier basketball program. The senior guard is leaving effective immediately just three games after he returned to the team from the indefinite suspension that cost half a season of basketball.

Davis's career at Xavier ends even more tumultuously than it began. Myles was ruled ineligible by the NCAA for what would have been his freshman season due to problems with his high school transcript. By the time he was able to join the team, he hadn't played a game in nearly two full years.

He grew to be a leader on the court, serving as the team's emotional compass last year. He was also a consistent three-point shooter and effective ball distributor as a junior.

Lost will be Myles's chance to score 1,000 points as a Musketeer and his chance to go 4-0 against UC. Myles's presence was long looked for as a potential boost to the team down the stretch; it remains to be seen how his absence will affect things going forward.